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Message From President


With a dream of spreading Chinese medicine, the first batch of the staff of our hospital established the Clinic of the Zhejiang Chinese Medical College for the clinical practice base of the Chinese medicine in the late summer of 1960s. However, time flies. Half a century has been passed inadvertently in the pursuit of this dream.

From a humble house to several all-round tall buildings, from a staff of no more than 60 to nearly 700, from a small clinic to a comprehensive hospital of Chinese medicine with two districts and a clinical medicine college, it is a concentration of sweats of generations of the hospital staff and a refection of plentiful fruits of the hospital.

Being proud of achievements of the past, we take pride in the profound accumulation at present and are inspired by the more glorious future. After hospital combination, reorganization and the strategy of development with features being put into effect, the hospital today has become a tertiary hospital of Chinese medicine with significant strengths of Chinese medicine, distinct characteristics of special departments and coordinative development of medical practice, teaching and research. Our hospital is taking strides forwards innovatively and steadily.

Time never lingers and hard working is surely to be rewarded. Though the past has been a historical monument, we must try best to fulfill more responsibilities. We will put in all the wisdom and strength to explore and take the advantage of this promising tendency to cultivate a better hospital. We believe, in the near future, our hospital is surely to be excellent in technique, superior in service, beautiful in environment and advanced in management and become a new member of famous modern hospital of Chinese medicine around the West Lake.


Xinmiao Yao,Professor of Medicine,State Famous TCM Doctor
President, Secretary of the Party Committee
The Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University




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