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Orthopedic Department

The orthopedic department is the Provincial Key Discipline of Chinese Medicine, the Provincial Key Specialty of Chinese Medicine for Neck, Shoulder, Lumbar and Leg Pain, the Standardized Training Base for Residents of TCM orthopedics in Zhejiang Province, and the Postgraduate and Doctoral Programs of Orthopedics of Chinese Medicine of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. The department is the Chairman Unit of Chiropractic Specialty Committee, Deputy Chairman Unit of both Orthopedic Specialty Committee and Needle Knife Specialty Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Association of Chinese Medicine. It has 1 doctoral supervisor, 1 postgraduate supervisor, 1 tutor of inheriting academic experience of national senior specialists of Chinese medicine, 1 candidate of young and middle aged academic leader in provincial colleges, and 6 senior professional doctors.

The department takes advantage of the traditional preponderance of TCM orthopedics to treat cervical spondylosis, lumbar vertebral disorder, joint dislocation, osteoarthritis, and soft tissue injury, achieving favorable effects. Especially, the special treatment by needle knife is famous both within and outside the Zhejiang province. The department owns many advanced equipments, such as imported C-shaped Arm X-ray machine, PTED and arthoscope. The staff can skillfully carry out various modern orthopedic technologies, including internal fixation for fracture reduction, joint replacement and diorthosis of spine malformation.

In recent years, the staff of the department have undertaken 17 programs of scientific research at state, provincial and bureau levels, including 2 state and provincial awards. They also have compiled 4 Nationally Planned Textbooks for '11th Five-Year Plan' and '12th Five-Year Plan' as the chief or associate editors and published more than 100 papers.


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