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The tuina department is the State Key Clinical Specialty, the Key Discipline and Specialty of the State Administrative Bureau of TCM, the Provincial Priority Among Priorities Discipline, the Provincial Key Discipline of Chinese Medicine, the Doctoral and Postgraduate Programs of Acupuncture and Tuina Science of the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, the International Training Center of Acupuncture and Tuina of Zhejiang Province, Continuing Education Training Base of Tuina Science of Chinese Medicine in Zhejiang province, and the Standardized Training Base for Residents of Tuina in Zhejiang Province. With clear research directions, the department is integrated with medical practice, teaching and research. It owns 37 professional tuina doctors and teachers, including 1 tutor of inheriting academic experience of national senior specialists of Chinese medicine, 1 provincial famous doctor of Chinese medicine, 1 provincial famous young and middle aged doctor of Chinese medicine, and 10 ones with senior professional title, 5 postgraduate supervisors, 3 ones with a doctoral degree and 17 ones with a postgraduate degree.

The department is good at applying a combination of bonesetting and Chinese medicinals to treat diseases such as lumbar disc herniation, cervical spondylosis, and senile gonitis. It is featured with novel therapies like bonesetting for lumbar disc herniation under one-time anesthesia, lever location-fixing technique and 5-step reduction for lumbar disc herniation, 5 lines and 5 regions with 13 acupoints for treating cervical spondylosis, frog-like pulling for treating sacroiliac joint disorder, injection at painful points, and manipulations to loosen adhesion of shoulder joints. These special therapies have been included in Promotion Projects in Nationwide Countries and Communities of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The department has received patients from many foreign countries, such as America, Spanish and Brazil. The curative effect is praised in both home and abroad.

In recent years, staff of the department have undertaken 28 programs of scientific research at all levels, including 12 state and provincial level ones and 16 bureau level ones. These programs have gained 10 Science Progress Awards of Government of Zhejiang Province and 4 national invention patents. It undertakes 3 national and provincial quality courses. The staff of the department have compiled 3 Nationally Planned Textbooks for '11th Five-Year Plan' and '12th Five-Year Plan' as the chief editors and published about 50 monographs.

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