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Rehabilitation Department

The rehabilitation department is the State Key Clinical Specialty, the '12th Five-Year' State Key Discipline and Specialty of Chinese Medicine, the Key Specialty of Chinese Medicine for Osteoporosis in Zhejiang Province, the postgraduate program of rehabilitation of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, the standardized training base for residents of rehabilitation of Chinese medicine in Zhejiang province, and the training base of rehabilitation for general practitioner of Chinese medicine in Zhejiang Province. The department owns 1 tutor of inheriting academic experience of national senior specialists of Chinese medicine, 2 inheritors to academic experience of national senior specialists of Chinese medicine, 17 rehabilitation staff including 4 senior professional ones and 4 supervisors of postgraduates, and 6 rehabilitation trainers.
The department is equipped with a variety of advanced rehabilitation equipments and a whole floor for rehabilitation training. The department integrates both Chinese and Western methods in rehabilitation mainly for diseases of the nervous system, bone joints, internal medicine and senile department. The staff are good at combining traditional and modern techniques of rehabilitation to treat sequela of apoplexy, spinal cord injury, peripheral nerve injury, arthritis, ankylosing spondylosis, hand injury after surgery, artificial joint replacement after surgery, bone fracture after surgery, senile dementia, osteoporosis, Parkinson's disease and so on. Especially, doctors have accumulated rich experience in treating speaking and swallowing disorders by combining Chinese and Western medicines on the basis of throat contrast examination. The department is the first to carry out kidney boosting and blood invigorating method to treat osteoporosis.

The department has a good environment of scientific research that it has gained many scientific research programs of the state and provincial levels and some of them have been awarded, such as leading the Program for Preventing and Treating Critical Illness in Zhejiang Province: Clinical Research on Primary Osteoporosis, and the 2nd Prize of Science and Technology Award of Zhejiang Province for developing Bone Benefitting Oral Liquid.

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