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Acupuncture Department

The acupuncture department was established at the end of 1970s, one of the earliest acupuncture departments with wards in the Zhejiang Province. It is now the State Key Clinical Specialty, the '11th Five-Year' State Key Discipline of Chinese Medicine, the group leader unit of State Key Specialty of Chinese Medicine for periarthritis of shoulder and prosopalgia, the Provincial Priority Among Priorities Discipline, the Provincial Key Discipline of Chinese Medicine, the Provincial Key Specialty of Chinese Medicine for vertigo and cerebropathy, the leading unit of the Program for Preventing and Treating Critical Diseases in Zhejiang Province: Sequela of Apoplexy, the Vice-Chairman Unit of Chinese Association of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Postgraduate Program, Doctoral Program and Mobile Post-doctoral Station of Acupuncture and Tuina Science of the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. It owns a State Tertiary Lab for Scientific Research on Chinese Medicine, a Key Lab of the Zhejiang Province, a State-Level and a Provincial-level Workshop of Chinese Medicine. It now holds 4 doctoral supervisors, 9 postgraduate supervisors, 1 tutor of inheriting academic experience of national senior specialists of Chinese medicine, 1 provincial famous doctor of Chinese medicine, 1 provincial famous young and middle aged doctor of Chinese medicine, 2 candidates of national excellent practitioners of advanced study program of Chinese medicine.

The department is specialized in Chinese medicine and has unique advantages in diagnosing and treating diseases such as sequela of apoplexy, shoulder periarthritis, cervical spondylosis, lumbar and leg pain, Parkinson, cerebral palsy, facial paralysis, prosopalgia, endometriosis, and ankylosing spondylosis. It plays a leading role in making clinical guidelines and pathways of Chinese medicine for shoulder periarthritis and prosopalgia, which have been adopted by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine for application in the country. Many technologies are listed as the State Technology Promotion Programs for Diagnosis and Treatment by Chinese Medicine, such as percutaneous electrical stimulation on acupoints for shoulder periarthritis, and ear-tip bloodletting therapy for hypertension of liver yang hyperactivity pattern.

The department has great strength in scientific research. It has been granted research support from State 973 Project, Natural Science Foundation of China, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province, and so on. In recent five years, the staff of the department have gained 75 programs of scientific research, 12 awards of provincial, ministerial and bureau levels, have published 126 papers and complied or involved in 41 monographs.

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