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Acupunture&Tuina International Training Center

International Training Center of Acupuncture and Tuina of ZJ Province was founded in the Sept. 2007 in our hospital, approved by Zhejiang Provincial Heath Department. Training center's makes the department of acupuncture and department of Tuina as its main teaching units and international doctors of acupuncture and Tuina, are amatures of acupuncture and Tuina with western medicine diploma and foreign students are its main trainees. The training center makes full use of the numerous old TCM experts in the hospital, and the advantage of TCM, acupuncture and Tuina of different disciplines to expound its academic feature of the great TCM. Its training courses include short-term training and systematic training. Its training mode features in special seminar of acupuncture and Tuina and clinic attorney. It also holds international academic exchange, including aid medical teams, lectures, academic exchange of international TCM.

The training center has established different levels of cooperation with teaching, research and medical from more than 30 organizations, including USA, Brazil, Japan, ROK, Switzerland and Ireland. It also recruits foreign students every year.


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