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        1. Acupuncture Research Team

Its main research directions are: clinical and effect mechanism research of acupuncture for pain, prevention and treatment of cerebral diseases, and clinical research of acupuncture therapy. Combined with advanced technology of neurophysiology, molecular biology, and immunology, the team systematically carries out relative research of acupuncture therapy for inflammatory pain, neuropathic pain, and deeply excavates the internal mechanism and action rules of acupuncture. The team focus on acupuncture therapy for its motor function after cerebral ischemia, NGF leak in BBB (blood brain barrier) for the treatment of sequelae of apoplexy induced by electro acupuncture, and research of standardization of cognitive function and emotional disorder, and makes some breakthrough in regulation of brain function disorder by acupuncture. Meanwhile, the team is carrying out specialty therapies of transcutanclus electrical acupoint stimulation, Baihui acupoint (GV20) specific needling, 3in1 comprehensive acupuncture therapy, acupoint injection therapy, bloodletteing in ear apex therapy, Jin's 3-needle acupuncture, nape needle acupuncture, moxibustion with medical cake, silver needle acupuncture therapy, and acupoint catgut embedding therapy.



2. Tuina Research Team

Its main research directions are: basic and clinical research of Tuina therapy to treat cervical vertigo and lumbar disc hermiation, and research of speciality therapy of prevention and treatment of pediatric diseases. With cervical spondylosis, cervical vertigo, and lumbar disc hermiation as its main directions, combined with channels ,acupoints and anatomy, it has a deep research for diseases related to cervical and lumbar verterbra. The team is in the forefront in the fields of vertebral artery morphology and blood speed of the cervical vertigo, modeling and simutation study of biological system of intervertebral disc, and standardization research of tuina. It's featured with novel therapies like: bone setting for lumbar disk hermiation under one-time anesthesia, 5-step reduction for lumbar disc hermiation, 5 lines-5 regions-13 acupoints therapy and cervical verterbra setting and traction lie on back for treating cervical spondylosis, frog-like pulling for treating sacroiliac disorders, traditional tuina lysis for frozen shoulder, etc. These help the patients recover.



3. Chinese Medical Rehabilitation Research Team

Its main directions are: clinical and mechanism research of comprehensive rehabilitation treatment of the stroke, combined therapies of rehabilitation and Chinese medicine for osteoporosis, and comprehensive rehabilitation for osteoarthritis. The comprehensive rehabilitation of stroke has gained some progress, especially in treating speaking and swallowing disorders by combing Chinese and western medicine. In the aspect of bone metabolism, research has been done on the pharmacology and mechanism of action on classical Chinese medicine therapy of Youguijin and Bone Benefiting Oral Liquid, which contribute a lot to the standardization of therapy for bone metabolism. The team integrates both traditional and modern methods to treat sequela of apoplexy, spinal cord injury, perpheral nerve injury, arthritis, ankylosing spondylosis, hand injury after surgery, ets.


4.Chinese Medical Orthopedic Research Team

Chinese Medical Orthopedic Research Team makes a deep study of feature of the Chinese medical pathogeny and therapy of different orthopedic diseases (bone & joint diseases, spinal diseases & bone metabolism diseases.) The team's main directions: the basic and clinical research of prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis, prevention and treatment by TCM and mechanism of bone joint diseases. The team makes use of genetic chip to study the gene map and different gene expression of bone joint disease. It also makes research on rules of action of TCM fumigation and physical therapy for bone joint diseases. It's earlier to carry out percutaneous balloon kyphoplasty in the treatment of senile spine osteoporotic fracture, arthroplasty for senile intertrochanteric fracture in China. It first cures the senile bone joint diseases by combining acupotomy with physical therapy in Zhejiang Province, which effectively improve the senior's joint function. Benefiting Bone Oral Liquid is used to prevent osteoarthritis.



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