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Zhejiang Clinic of Prestigious TCM Doctors

flash广告图片     This clinic is the only clinic of prestigious TCM doctors authorized by provincial Health Department in Zhejiang province. Under the guidance of He Ren, the first director and a national TCM master, staff the clinic are always devoted themselves to inheritance and innovation of Chinese medicine. With development for nearly 20 years, the clinic has become one of the very authoritative and prestigious clinics of Chinese medicine in Zhejiang province.

At present, Fan Yongsheng, a tutor of academic experience of national senior specialists of Chinese medicine and a special-graded professor, is the director. This clinic has more than 20 famous Chinese medicine doctors of national and provincial levels, and more than 100 experienced senior professional specialists of Chinese medicine. They are well-known for applying Chinese medicine to treat tumors, rheumatic diseases, kidney diseases, cardiac-cerebral vascular diseases, mammary diseases, pediatric diseases, gynecological diseases and other difficult miscellaneous diseases. Patients from all over the world, such as compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, overseas Chinese and foreign friends, come to visit the clinic out of admiration. It receives patients in the clinic for nearly 120,000 each year.


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